Are you Satisfied?

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Did you hear, allegedly it has been reported, Kate Spade is dead?

My husband and I were talking about Kate Spade Tuesday morning; we went on and on in full detail about how beautiful her products are and how awesome her life must be. We even imaged how her summer would be full of new memories she may add to a fabulous and very exclusive photo album, only for her close family and friends to enjoy. We also discussed at length, well I, discussed at length the 2018 Kate Spade Resort line, which to me appeared whimsical and airy.

Now, I am fully aware just in July of 2017 it was reported Kate Spade the company was reportedly acquired by Coach for 2.4 billion dollars...and I am also mindful in 2006 Kate Spade one of the co-founders of the company along with two of her partners sold their remaining stake in the company. Fast forward, 2016 Kate Spade launched a new Brand named, Frances Valentine. I am not familiar with this Brand, however, from the looks of it, the theme and story that each piece tells visually, made me feel like this woman is really into that Summer / Spring...I love dancing in the wind with my dress, not all the way up to my knees, but just enough to feel the breeze kind of mood…all the time.

Everything on the outside appeared terrific, but one thing my husband and I and the general public do not have the answer to is, how is her family life and is she satisfied or for better understanding…HAPPY? A question only an individual can answer for themselves. I am not assuming to know or agreeing to whether or not Kate Spade, in fact, committed suicide, but I am asking you…

Are you satisfied with your life?

Are you happy?

It was only a mere minute my husband, and I returned to our quaint apartment in New York City, I began browsing through all the Brooklyn Museum pictures of the CFDA Awards, to glancing up at a News notification on my smartphone telling me, “Kate Spade Dead at 55!” I immediately said to my husband who was standing in the kitchen, “Kate Spade is Dead….” He replies, “We were just talking about her!” We shook our heads and began to search for a credible source to confirm the news my phone informed me of a few minutes earlier. A few clicks and scrolls later and it was confirmed, “KATE SPADE DEAD AT 55!” Wow, after everything I said prior and to then immediately get this notification letting me know, this woman with an assumed wonderful life, allegedly committed suicide.

Was she not happy?

Was she dissatisfied? 

Multiple circumstances can lead to someone wanting or have the desire to “kill themselves” or as I have stated to many people, “stop the pain or turmoil” in their life for a moment. How many of us have found ourselves doing things because it made or makes others happy? How many of us are doing things, working a job, began a career, because you were trying to either make someone else happy or validate your very own existence through the exaltation of others and or appreciation of gratitude from your peers? How many of us have placed ourselves at the mercy of another because it was the safest decision? How many of us have given up our goals for the sake of others, because we feel our livelihood/ finances/self-worth depended on it? How many?

It is time we begin to stop and think about how we are representing the life we're living. We need to pay attention to why and how we make decisions in ourselves and in the end who will pay the ultimate price for your satisfaction, your happiness?


So, I ask you…Are you satisfied?





"Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold." -Prov 3

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