Pop Smoke

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Bashar Barakah Jackson, best known as Pop Smoke, welcomed us to his party, whether we liked it or not. Some people didn't know what he was referencing, and for those who knew, we were willing to risk it all and attend this party anyway.

If we ever questioned why he was moving "retarded," he told us. It is because of Molly, Lean, and Xan, he said he didn't like loud noises. "Lower your tone," the repercussions for not obliging to these instructions, "you could get hit." So, I already knew to attend this party and not make too much noise. Now I don't know about you, but I hope his friends took care of him after the party, the DJ didn't get slapped for being too loud, and I hope someone checked on Ricky,

                                   "Is he still running?" 

Brooklyn Hip Hop artist, Pop Smoke may have been very colorful with his lyrics and may even have lived a very colorful life. However, the speculation regarding his life that was taken due to an alleged robbery is tragic.

He wasn't caught slippin' (in his own words), however, he was caught enjoying the spoils of his hard work and sadly it cost him his life.

I prayed for his family during this time. He is someone's child, friend and therefore tears will fall and hearts will break for him. I pray for comfort and peace of mind at night (when the mind ruminates most) for his family and close loved ones.

Many of us may not like his "supposed" lifestyle and lyrics, but his voice, his low tone vocals, serenaded me (us). Heck, without permission, he crept into your personal ear space and filled you with all that Brooklyn energy. Yes, you fell for his "bad boy" persona and the way his voice caressed and played on your eardrums…YES, you too liked the way he, "grrrrrrr" – I know I did, but that was because to me, he was quintessential what I think of gritty Brooklyn. Sassy and filled with attitude.

No, not all Brooklyn boys who turn into men are like this. Still, we all know who they are, and the good girls who became ladies knew you didn't take them seriously – that was not the man you were going to spend the rest of your life with, unless "you were about that life." ( If you know, you know)

It was a decision in your life you knew, if you were getting involved, you have accepted that lifestyle. No one is wiping your tears, but you. (Here is where I wanted to be more graphic and refrained) Those types of boys who become men needed to grow and mature before they could understand as a woman, you aren't an object to personify.

I digress; I am truly saddened that I am even writing about this. I choose to print this; because he represents a place, I am proud to call home. Brooklyn, we pour it out for our brother Pop Smoke - Bashar Barakah Jackson. RIP 2/19/2020




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