Ready for Fathers' Day?

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“This is me, I’ll never ever be the dreams you stole from me… A Daddy’s Girl, you were my heart my world…”

I listened intently to each word and allowed the music to wash over me, and at the tail end of the song, BAM…I was drawn to all the love and the pain that this woman felt because she loves someone who hurt her so deeply, her father. This Father’s Day, embrace your Father and thank him and shower him with appreciation.

Do something special for him, and for those whose Father’s are not individuals you would want to celebrate…embrace all the men and women who stepped into that space and not only filled that void but left some to run over onto others.

Check out our Fathers' Day Collection and remember we only have now to show them we care. 

-Dina Hawthorne – Daddy’s Girl-

Want to hear this song? Wanna sing along?

You can find the lyrics at

What a beautiful EP, which is named Liz.  Take a listen today on the streaming platforms, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes/Apple Music just to name a few. Also, check out what the Artist herself had to say about her Father...








"Fathers' do not provoke your children to anger.." -Eph 6


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