Do You Regret Being A Mother?

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What does it mean to be maternal or have a maternal nature?

After my devotion and time spent with my heavenly Father in the morning; I spend an hour or an hour and a half, He tends to give me a warning when I need to leave His office and get work done.

Any whozzz, after reading the Bible and praying, I immediately felt the urge to get to writing, which now it is more typing because of the carpal tunnel in my hands.

I searched for information about grieving, found some scriptures and even found some handy quotes and phrases that were comforting, thank you digital world…and then I saw a question, “what if you regret being a mom?” My mind went blank. I curiously clicked on the link and immediately wondered if this was a click-bait…something that is linked to something completely different than what the titles stated…a freaking gotcha…and to my surprise…It wasn’t a gotcha, it actually was an article by Jean Mackenzie on the BBC NEWS platform, discussing this very intriguing reality. Dated 3, April, 2018 for the Family and Education section, under the Victoria Derbyshire programme, The mothers who regret having children article hooked you with what appears to be leggo like pieces of women with children, some blurred in the background and the focal on the tiny block female leggo piece with her small leggo stroller.

The title did it for me, the picture, more of a subtle touch to soften the reality, most likely shared by women who are having this genuine experience. Thank you photo for easing my emotions into accepting what I am about to read!

To be continued...

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